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We offer a HIP AND EYE GUARANTEE which covers genetically induced hip dysphasia that would prevent the puppy from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) at a “fair” rating or better, and hereditary eye diseases that would prevent the pup from passing the Canine Eye Registration Foundation exam (CERF)

It is impossible to state that any dog is completely free of genetic imperfection. In our breeding program we strive to produce quality, sound animals and do our best to research the dogs that sire our litters, as well as their parents & siblings and any litters they have produced, when available. In this way we can minimize the odds of producing a defective pup or litter. Therefore we offer this guarantee, provided the purchaser complies with this agreement.

OFA will only certify dogs that have reached 24-months of age. By this age they can accurately evaluate any genetic hip defect, though a preliminary evaluation may be performed from 6 months on. For this guarantee to be honored, the dog MUST have been x-rayed by a certified veterinarian radiologist and evaluated by the OFA at 24 months of age.

If a problem should arise:  A copy of the findings from the OFA or CERF must be sent to us for our records, along with the X-rays (get a copy at the time of the x-ray)so that at our discretion and cost we may have our vet evaluate them for verification. We reserve the right to have the dog varified for parantage via a DNA test.



PIV (Permanate Identification Verification) must be stated on all documents at the time of evaluation. (Micro-chip/tattoo)

When the requirements have been met, this GUARANTEE will be in effect and honored by LEGACYLABS.

When we are satisfied that a problem does exist and is genetic. The dog has not been bred and proof of SPAYED/NEUTERED has been recieved, we will either, at our discretion and earliest convenience, refund the original purchase price of the pup (not including shipping and other expenses) or replace the pup with another of like or similar breeding up to the original purchase price. 

It is understood that the above warranties are expressly regarding congenital and hereditary defects as above stated.  Any physical injury, illness, or mistreatment to the dog, voids this guarantee.

The Guarantee is NON TRANSFERABLE and is valid for 26 months from birth date of pup.